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Hair Patch Services

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Hair Patch Services in Hyderabad

The greatest therapy for male alopecia is Hair Patch. Hair Patch service is the safest and simplest option when medicine cannot promote hair growth and a male cannot bear to undergo hair implantation. This makes it easier to conceal loss and have a great hairstyle.

Additionally, those who experience hair loss must deal with a lot because they are continuously criticized for their appearance. As a result, they become more self-aware and suspect that others are criticizing them. If you believe this, you should take action. What could be greater than having a hair patch?

The procedure is non-surgical, so it is very straightforward. In the area where there is loss, a piece of hair or prosthesis is applied. In Hyderabad, professionals who specialize in providing the best hair patch services will attach the hair patch with pins or a type of cosmetic adhesive. The procedure’s adhesive and clamps are typically quite secure and do not cause any sort of sensitivity. Come along as we highlight more on this below.

The issue of hair loss is now very common throughout the globe and has mainly led to baldness in many individuals. This disease is known as alopecia. Your skin and even your complete body may be affected by this. According to medical research, it is typical to shed between 50 and 100 hair follicles per day. That tiny quantity is almost imperceptible compared to the thousands and millions of hairs on the scalp. There is no issue because the new hair development substitutes the fallen hair. But if this process doesn’t work, the head could lose its hair in a very brief amount of time.

Getting a hair patch is a very feasible option for those who do not want to undergo surgery from all perspectives, including the budgetary one. Many people favor it because there are no injections involved. The hair patch is created so that it precisely suits the patient. The final product is amazing and makes it seem entirely natural. The client would unquestionably experience a full change.

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Types of Hair Patches Treatment

Some types of hair patches include:

1. Laces hair system

The most realistic-looking hair patches on the marketplace are lace solutions. On the head, they are almost undetectable because they are made of a fragile and translucent lacy substance. The hair pieces are then hand-knotted on the lace foundation to give them a realistic appearance. Being cozy and lightweight, lace hair systems are perfect for people with delicate scalps. As a result, you can utilize them for a long time.

2. Single hair system

A singular, tiny monofilament fiber that is practically undetectable on the skin is used to create mono hair systems. On the mono foundation, the hair is hand-knotted, giving it a natural appearance and feel. It can be tailored to fit the color, quantity, and structure of your natural hair. Systems with mono hair are robust and long-lasting. Additionally, they are ideal for those who have crest or top of the head baldness. For those who want to regain their conviction in their hair, this hair restoration choice is a wonderful non-invasive option to hair transplant procedure.

3. Clip-in hair patches

One of the easiest and least expensive hair patch options are clip-in hair patches. They are made to be attached to the existing hair and fastened in to conceal hairless or receding areas. Clip-in hair extensions can be readily matched to your own hair because they come in a variety of hair types, thicknesses, and colors. Additionally, they are simple to take off and dress however you like.

Benefits of Non Surgical Hair Patches Treatments

Some benefits of hair patches include:

1. It is a non-surgical and successful method for treating hair loss.

Without a dispute, the best choice for those who require an easy and non-invasive remedy is a hair patch. For both males and women, hair patches work well.

2. Reliable outcomes

As was already stated, a hair patch is a remedy that will give you the desired, striking effects right away. With these hair patches, you can therefore travel anywhere.

3. A method that is economical

Evidently, the hair patches are less costly than surgery procedures for hair regrowth. Hair patches will be useful for you if you’re ready to undergo a less costly process with noticeable results.

Hair Bonding Services
Hair Bonding Services

Process of Hair Patches

The Process of hair patches include:

1. Hair glue or hair bonding

After cleansing the hairless spot, a special adhesive is applied, and the patch is adhered to the head using that glue. It provides the most realistic appearance and lasts a long time. Walker Tape Ultimate Hold Hair System Glue is the most widely used adhesive for hair systems.

2. Taping hair

Another way to add the patch is in this manner. In this technique, adhesive is combined with an unique double-sided tape. Red Tape, Brow Tape, Super Hold Tape, and Extenda Bond Plus Strip Tape are the adhesives that are used for hair mending.

3. Hair Clipping

Your current hair holds the special attachments that are attached to the hair fix. The advantage of this approach is that you can apply and uninstall the fix each day independently. But compared to hair joining, this technique produces fewer realistic appearances.


Hair Patches Cost in Hyderabad

Billion Hairs Stuido offer high-quality hair patch services at competitive price in Hyderabad. The caliber of the lace and hair used to create the patch affects how much it costs. In addition, consider the extent of the hairless spot where the patch will be put.

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