We use the best imported dermatologically tested adhesives(gum) to paste the hair patch to the bald portion of the head.

Hair extension locks(clips) will be fixed under the hair patch and will be interlocked with the existing hairs of the customer.

Hair Extensions

We offer permanent (micro ring hair extensions) and temporary (Removable daily wear hair extensions).

Hair Weaving

We will make a knot weft in the existing hair strands of the customer. The hair patch will then weft meticulously to that knots.

It is a non-surgical treatment, where a patch of hair or wig extension is placed on the affected area with the help of cosmetic glue and clips which are extremely safe and non-allergic.

Hair Wefts

Hair wefts allow you to choose your attachment method. The hair weft comes in a curtain-like shape with double-sewn ends that can be used with methods such as weaving, micro-rings, glue, or clips, according to your needs and wishes.

At Billion Hairs Studio A hair wig is made of an interwoven network of synthetic or natural hair. Both men and women use these wigs for a variety of reasons. There are two significant types of hair wigs: synthetic hair wigs and human hair wigs.

Hair Adhesive

Hair Adhesive utilizes glue to bond the extensions to the natural hair or scalp. This technique of including hair extensions is very famous among hair extension aficionados.


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